Surfaces That Cannot be Pressure Washed

For many people, pressure washing provides a quick, efficient way to keep various items clean that cannot be cleaned via ordinary methods. And while pressure washing works wonderfully to clean many surfaces ranging from the driveway and deck to the house and patio, not every surface is suitable for pressure washing. If you hire a professional to provide pressure washing services, they’ll know exactly what materials can and cannot be pressure washed. It’s up to you to know your materials and protect them if you’re DIY.

Painted Surfaces

If you want to pressure wash a painted surface, it’s not out of the question. However, you should probably turn this job over to the professionals. Painted surfaces require special care. You can ensure that your items are cared for and remain undamaged when you hire a professional.

Laminar Sandstone

Attempting to power wash laminar sandstone is a big mistake. All that happens is that it gets washes into the grooves or it washes away. Save your money and the headache and don’t attempt to wash it!

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Asphalt Roofing

Although many people pressure ash the roof, it’s not something you want to do if there is an asphalt roof on the home. It removes granules and destroys the material!

Stained Wood

It’s also best to avoid pressure washing stained wood.  What happens when you pressure wash stained wood? Usually it removes the stain of the wood and sometimes, it may cause even more damage to the wood itself. It’s best to simply avoid the risks altogether.

You can benefit your life considerably when you find the best pressure washing near me jacksonville fl company. But, make sure that if you plan to do it yourself, you do things right. Avoid washing the surface types listed above and keep your items safely protected!